Wedding Agreement Izle

Wedding Agreement İzle: All You Need to Know About this Popular Turkish Rom-Com

Wedding Agreement İzle is a romantic comedy film from Turkey that has been capturing the hearts of audiences around the world. The movie was released in 2019 and quickly became a hit, particularly in Turkey and Indonesia. So, what is Wedding Agreement İzle all about, and why is it so popular? Let`s find out!

Plot and Characters

Wedding Agreement İzle follows the story of two people, Bianca and Tari, who are forced into a marriage agreement by their parents. Tari is a religious woman who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her parents want her to marry Bianca, who is a successful businessman and the son of a wealthy family. The two are not interested in each other, but they decide to go through with the wedding agreement to fulfill their parents` wishes.

The movie explores the ups and downs of their journey together as they try to navigate their arranged marriage. There are many obstacles that they have to overcome, including betrayal, jealousy, and cultural differences. But as they spend more time together, they begin to develop feelings for each other, creating a heartwarming and romantic story.

The lead actors in the movie are Refal Hady and Indah Permatasari, who play Bianca and Tari, respectively. They give outstanding performances, complementing each other`s acting skills perfectly.

Why is Wedding Agreement İzle So Popular?

One of the primary reasons why Wedding Agreement İzle has become so popular is its universal theme of love and arranged marriages. While the concept of arranged marriages is not new, the movie`s portrayal of it in a modern world has resonated with audiences worldwide. The movie`s emotional depth and relatable characters make it easy for viewers to empathize with the central characters.

Another reason why the movie has become popular is its clever use of social media as an advertising tool. The movie`s production team used social media platforms to promote the movie, creating a buzz among viewers worldwide. They also used social media platforms to interact with fans, responding to comments and questions, and creating a sense of community around the movie.

Lastly, the movie`s cinematography and soundtrack are both exceptional. The beautiful scenery of Indonesia and the captivating soundtrack create a perfect backdrop for the movie`s romantic story.


Wedding Agreement İzle is an excellent romantic comedy movie that has gained immense popularity worldwide. Its relatable characters, universal themes, and clever use of social media have made it a hit among audiences globally. The movie`s success has also led to a surge in interest in Turkish films and has helped to further promote Turkish cinema on the global stage. If you haven`t watched Wedding Agreement İzle yet, be sure to add it to your watchlist.