Child Care Agreement Washington State

If you`re a parent in Washington state, you may find yourself in need of a child care agreement. Whether you`re looking for full-time daycare or just occasional babysitting, it`s important to have a written agreement in place to ensure that both you and your child`s caregiver are on the same page.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when drafting a child care agreement in Washington state:

1. Define the scope of the agreement

Your child care agreement should clearly define what services the caregiver will provide and what hours they will be available. Will they be responsible for drop-off and pick-up? Will they provide meals or snacks? What activities will they engage your child in? All of these details should be spelled out in the agreement.

2. Discuss payment

How much will you pay for child care services? Will it be a flat rate or an hourly rate? Will you be paying in cash or by check? Make sure to discuss these details with the caregiver and include them in your agreement.

3. Discuss vacation and sick days

It`s important to discuss what will happen if the caregiver needs to take time off for vacation or due to illness. Will you be responsible for finding alternative care during these times? Will you receive a discount on your weekly rate if the caregiver is unavailable?

4. Include emergency contact information

Make sure to include emergency contact information in your agreement, including your contact information and any other emergency contacts you designate. It`s also a good idea to include information about medical conditions or allergies your child may have.

Overall, a child care agreement is an important document for both parents and caregivers in Washington state. By clearly defining the scope of services, payment details, and emergency contact information, you can ensure that your child is in good hands while you`re away.