Agreement with the Facts Crossword Clue

When it comes to crossword puzzles, sometimes the clues can be a bit tricky. One such clue that may have left you scratching your head is “agreement with the facts.” So, what is the solution to this clue?

The answer, my friends, is “corroboration.”

Corroboration is the act of confirming or verifying something, often through additional evidence or testimony. In the context of crossword puzzles, it may be used to clue “agreement with the facts.”

Now, let`s talk about strategies for completing crossword puzzles. If you`re a beginner, start by looking for clues with obvious answers. For example, if the clue asks for a three-letter word for “fruit,” it`s safe to assume the answer is “apple” or “pear.”

Additionally, don`t be afraid to use the process of elimination. If a clue has a definite number of letters and you know a few of them, try filling in the blanks with letters that seem like they make sense based on the surrounding clues.

Lastly, keep a dictionary or thesaurus on hand to look up any words you may not know. Remember, crossword puzzles are meant to challenge you, but they`re also meant to be enjoyable.

In conclusion, if you come across the clue “agreement with the facts” in a crossword puzzle, the answer you`re looking for is “corroboration.” Happy puzzling!