To Enter Into An Agreement En Francais

This call for interests does not bind the Agency in any way. Pending the signing of the agreements, the Agency may cancel this call for interests without the schools being entitled to compensation. In addition, the Agency reserves the right to terminate agreements with schools at any time in the future and to give the school a reasonable period of time, usually until the end of the school year concerned. The enrolment of children in schools is not guaranteed by agreements between the Agency and the schools, as this also depends on external factors such as the choice of individual staff and the availability of the Agency`s annual budget. Any school wishing to conclude an agreement to this effect with the Agency is invited to submit its tender. Each offer must include at least one quality education for the children of their staff, in order to provide the children of their staff with quality education, wishes the European GNSS Agency (the Agency) to conclude agreements with certain schools at all sites where it has set up or intends to set up an office. The Agency will pay tuition directly to the schools that will be selected and where staff would send their children. . Each school that has made an offer shall be informed in good time of the result of the selection. At present, the Agency`s staff is approximately 65 children of each age and the number of Agency staff is expected to increase in the near future. Offers are to be provided to: Learning& European GNSS Agency hodlá uzavřít smlouvy se školami v Praze a blízkém okolí, na jejichž základě by bylo zajišťováno vícejazyčné vzdělávávání dětí jejího personálu. European GNSS Agency “Education in France”Janovskeho 438/2170 00 Prague 7 Czech Republic. If you would like to read this text in French, please click here.

. The related questions and answers are published on this site (without specifying the school of application). . The entity forms in several languages, with explanations and all additional information, are available here (you can submit the form in any language): Each selected school must submit documents necessary for the school`s enrolment in the EU financial system (a duly completed and signed entity form, a duly completed and signed financial identification form – links to the corresponding forms are find at the bottom of the page) and their supporting documents. . . . Schools are cordially invited to request additional information if necessary. All requests to this effect should be addressed to Learning& .

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