Specialist Disability Accommodation Agreement

In July 2019, SDA housing contracts became part of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. We settle these agreements under Victorian tenancy laws. Where a participant is considered to be entitled to assistance with special accommodation for persons with disabilities, the ECO shall determine the type of SDA building, the SDA design category and the location of the specialized accommodation for persons with disabilities, which is appropriate and necessary to assist the participant. Long-term housing is housing that is used as permanent housing, but does not include housing used solely for a break, emergency housing or temporary housing. (2) The plan may specify which SDA provider must provide the eligible participant with professional accommodation for persons with disabilities. (a) whether combined specialised support for the accommodation of persons with disabilities and other supports would significantly improve the participant`s life outcomes and benefit from them in the long term; The amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 and the impact on residents and providers of specialised accommodation for people with disabilities. 1. The ECO may decide that the coordination of assistance and other capacity building support is necessary to assist an eligible participant in the search for and relocation to specialised accommodation for persons with disabilities. (g) the Commonwealth or a State or territory does not provide any funding for housing under a system that has nothing to do with accessible housing for persons with disabilities; and, despite the matters set out in an Authorized Participant`s plan in accordance with Section 19, an Authorized Participant may be required to contribute to the rent of the special accommodation for persons with disabilities in which the Authorized Participant resides. (c) circumstances that may change the design category of the SDA, the type of building SDA or the suitability of the dwelling to provide accommodation for persons with disabilities; (iii) the provision to the eligible participant of specific accommodation for persons with disabilities, in accordance with the terms of the proposed agreement. (c) the housing area for persons with disabilities (see section 18); (b) the accommodation must be provided in accommodation (SDA accommodation) registered for the provision of accommodation for the disabled to medical specialists (see Division 3 of this Part); 24…….

Conditions for the financing of housing for disabled persons…….. 15 (b) does not include any assistance provided to the person while the person resides in the dwelling. (ii) a resident who has received from the Commonwealth Government or the government of a state or territory a payment for disability-related assisted living (or equivalent); and registered, in respect of housing, housing registered in accordance with Section 26 to provide accessible housing for persons with disabilities. (1) For the purposes of Article 70(1)(d) of the Act, an applicant who has applied as a registered institution must meet the criteria set out in paragraph 2 if he or she is to make available to one or more eligible participants specific accommodation for persons with disabilities. . . .