Solar Power Purchase Agreement In Maharashtra

The state-based distribution company Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), which has signed power purchase contracts (PPAs) for 35,000 MW, is buying only 14,500 MW due to weak demand. But his problems don`t stop. Thanks to its long-term electricity purchase contracts (ASA) and fixed royalties, the distribution company is also obliged to pay more than 4000 kronor per year as fixed royalties to mainly thermal facilities for which it has made purchases. Companies have tried to become signatories to the purch power… This will replace nearly 25% of current annual electricity demand with clean energy. The three plants are expected to be commissioned by January 2021. EDEN Renewables India on Thursday said there were three… Die Kommission hat dem gebeten, dass der aus den Projekte beschera Solarstrom auf die Erf-llung des Solar-RPO von MSEDCL angerechnet wird. The petition states that “MSEDCL fulfills the objective of the non-solar and solar RPO (renewable purchase obligation) by purchasing non-solar and solar RECS (renewable purchase certificates).

However, given the future objectives of the RPO, MSEDCL needs to procure additional renewable energy to meet its RPO targets, in order to reflect the actual performance of the system rather than relying on ICPs. In August, MERC rejected a petition filed by MSEDCL requesting permission for a higher tariff for 1,170 MW of solar projects to be implemented under the Mukhyamantri Saur Krishi Vahini Yojana. In its petition, MSEDCL had requested the introduction of a tariff of 3.16 USD (0.045 USD) /kWh at 3.30 USD (0.046 USD) /kWh. The tariffs were determined as part of the tendering process for a total capacity of 1,170 MW of solar power projects to meet DISCOM`s solar RPO. In the meantime, subject to Commission approval, MSEDCL had submitted its agreement on the tariff of USD 3.10 (US$0.043) /kWh for the 7 MW solar project and had submitted the PSA project for approval. As a result, MSPGCL and MSEDCL have asked the Commission to authorize the adoption of the tariff through this petition and the Commission, in its designation, has agreed to the tariff. “Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited (TPREL) has received a price letter from Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co Ltd. (MSEDCL) to develop a 100 MW solar project in Maharashtra,” the company said in a BSE bid.