Php License Agreement

(c) “certificate of licence,” proof of a licence that the donor makes available to the purchaser in electronic or print form. A. GPL imposes many restrictions on what can and cannot be done with licensed code. THE PHP developers have decided to publish PHP under a much looser license (Apache style) to help PHP become as popular as possible. 2.3. Software and trademark ownership rights. You acknowledge that the software and documentation are owned by Perforce and that the software and documentation are protected by U.S. copyright and international treaties. You also acknowledge and consent that Perforce owns and holds, between you and Perforce, all rights, titles and interests of software and documentation, including copyright intellectual property rights, trade secrets, patent laws or trademarks. This contract does not grant you ownership shares in the software or documentation, but only a restricted right of use that is revocable under the terms of this Agreement.

All brands or service marks used by Perforce in conjunction with the software or services provided by Perforce are perforce-owned trademarks. This Agreement does not grant you any rights, licenses or interests on these trademarks and you cannot invoke any rights, licenses or interests on such marks or words or designs that are similar to those marks. This agreement is valid if you accept the agreement or download, install, access or use the Software, even if you have not expressly accepted this agreement. This agreement remains in effect until its termination. Without prejudice to other rights, this Agreement applies automatically if you do not comply with any of the restrictions or other requirements described here. If you license the software temporarily and do not pay royalties or renewal fees, Perforce has the right to discontinue your use of the software. Perforce may terminate this license agreement if you violate a clause in the agreement by stating in writing your violation and Perforce`s decision to terminate the contract. At the end of this agreement, you agree to return to Perforce the software, documentation, copies of this software and all the license keys you have received, or to destroy all these materials and allow Perforce to verify in writing this destruction.