Legal Aid Preferred Supplier Agreement

In order for a private lawyer to provide legal aid, they must meet certain criteria and take certain obligations. This ensures that only specialized practitioners can work after JC processam. This national network ensures that requests for mutual legal assistance are met and that clients can continue to receive legal assistance when they do not have access to a local mutual legal aid office in Queensland. This means that you can request that your legal representation with North Brisbane Law be paid by Legally Aid Queensland. Please note that Legal Aid Queensland has very strict criteria that must be met before financial assistance for legal submission is approved. To obtain the services of a preferred supplier, a client can contact the lawyer or company of their choice directly to see if they are a preferred supplier of Legal Aid Queensland, use our search for a lawyer or call us on 1300 65 11 88 to inquire about the preferred suppliers of his entourage. Legal Aid Queensland provides state financial assistance for access to legal aid for: North Brisbane Law is a preferred provider for Legal Aid. Legal Aid Queensland has developed partnerships with nearly 400 private practitioners (which we call preferred suppliers) across Queensland. Preferred suppliers can work on our behalf if they have met the admission criteria for the following areas: If you have the right (see Legal Aid for more information), our team can help you complete the required forms and file a request for assistance on your behalf. There is no need for an appointment – come and see our team. If you are considering applying for a mutual legal aid grant, but are not sure if you will qualify, please contact our office. We can discuss with you the criteria for mutual legal assistance and the extent of the work that is part of a legal aid service. If you are unable to obtain legal aid, we will provide you with a preliminary estimate of the costs as part of our non-surprise policy.

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