Curtin University Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement

4.2 All evaluations carried out under this schedule must be recorded in a SWS salary assessment agreement and retained by the university as a time and salary record in accordance with the law. A researcher is assigned a workload that varies according to the mix of research and other scientific tasks. An E Teaching Academic level will take the lead and promote excellence in the fields of science, teaching and political development in the academic discipline or university profession within the institution and within the community, professional, professional or industry. Murdoch U: The state government is funding the university`s “multi-storey vertical campus,” which will include a “Digital Futures Academy” and an “eSports Stadion.” The specific funding is not announced, but in combination with the support of Curtin U, the package is $360 million. 66.1 A university staff member may seek employment for dismissal within 14 working days of the notice of dismissal. The role of the provost or candidate in the review will be to assess whether the task is really superfluous and to give their opinion on this subject. Detailed knowledge of academic and administrative policies and the links between a range of policies and activities. 5.2 This agreement replaces the Curtin University of Technology Academic, Professional and General Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012 – 2016 and the Curtin University of Technology Staff Agreement 2005-2008, as well as all distinctions and agreements that would otherwise apply to employees covered by this agreement. 49.1 Officers (excluding casual agents) are entitled to paid leave on the following university holidays: with the written agreement of the university, the officer may receive, over a period of four years, 80% of the salary he would receive under that agreement. In this case, the duration of the presence over a four-year period will be considered a service for all purposes. Each year, a researcher has at least 50 days (or 10 weeks) free of teaching and teaching benefits, preferably in weekly blocks. Responsibilities are determined by the head of the school after consultation with the officer on the annual staff search plan for the target in point 22.3.8.

Any scientific officer may, on the basis of his merits, apply for another academic role and be appointed to another academic role. To determine the allocation of the academic workload, officers engaged in autopilot research activities will be responsible for making their annual research plan available to the principal by November of each year to support research planning and workload allocation, including a period free of non-teaching benefits and teaching-related tasks.